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In, we understand that protecting your personal information is critical to establishing trust and maintaining a positive affiliation with you. The first person (“we”, “our”, “us”, “ours”) in this Privacy Policy refers to YourTouch or any of its subsidiaries that are connected to YourTouch and are responsible for the acquisition of Personal Information and are covered by this Privacy Policy. The second person (“you,” “your,” “yours”) refers to you as the customer, or more broadly, to the person who provides Personally Identifiable information or any other information that is the object of this Privacy Policy.

We are accountable for the Personal Information that we have under our control, including Personal Information that we have disclosed to a Vendor (often referred to as the data processor). In this Privacy Policy, “Supplier” refers to any person or company that processes Personal Information on behalf of YourTouch and is not an employee of YourTouch. In the context of Personal Information, “processing” includes obtaining, recording, holding, or utilising Personal Information anywhere in the world, as well as performing any operation or combination of operations on the Personal Information, such as:

  1. the organisation, adaptation, or modification of personal data;
  2. retrieval, consultation, or use of personally identifiable information
  3. by transmitting, disseminating, or otherwise making available the Personal Information, or
  4. information or data alignment, combining, blockage, deletion, or elimination;


When and why is personal data gathered, and how would it be utilised? collects Personal Data from the following purposes: to complete transactions with you, to administer sales, and to manage your member status in our customer loyalty scheme (if you become a member); to complete transactions with you, to administer sales, and to manage your membership in our customer loyalty scheme (if you become a member);
To market to you with your permission; to understand and analyse our sales, as well as your wants and preferences; to develop, enhance, market, and provide products and services to suit your needs; to develop, enhance, market, and provide products and services to meet your needs;
To allow you to take part in promotions and contests; to allow you to take part in consumer research or focus groups; to conduct exchanges or product returns; to improve our Shops; and to answer to requests or complaints. To allow you to take part in and manage our customer loyalty programmes.

You will always be given a choice to consent (opt in) to the sharing of your data, and the selected companies/organizations will be properly identifiable for you to make a more informed decision. We have no power over how these companies/organizations handle or process any Personal Information you supply directly to them if you approve and visit their websites later. We always recommend that you read the terms and conditions and privacy policies on their websites before providing any Personal Information.

If you agree to receive these emails you may unsubscribe at any time by contacting us as indicated below. We would only use your Personal Details for a purpose that has been stated prior to its use, or even where Information is required for the fulfilment of a contract to which you are a party, or to take actions at your request before to entering into an agreement, or for other legal reasons.


What Do We Do With Your Information

YourTouch specifically is dedicated to protecting and respecting the privacy of all of its service recipients and website visitors, very contrary to popular belief. This privacy policy explains YourTouch”s methods and procedures for collecting, storing, retrieving, and using personal data and kind of sensitive personal data or information obtained from our website users, which is fairly significant. By reference, all terms and conditions of use of the website mostly are integrated into this Policy. The Policy kind of aims to specifically adhere to the 2011 Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and kind of sensitive particularly personal data or information) Rules in a generally big way. This Policy applies to all personal information submitted by or collected from anyone who visits, uses, or accesses the website, including fairly sensitive kind of personal data or information, kind of contrary to popular belief.



Our Company definitely are authorized for all Personal Information that we literally have in our control, including Personal Information that we really have released to a Vendor (often referred to as the data processor) in a actually major way. In the context of fairly Personal Information, “processing” refers to obtaining, recording, holding, or using the data anywhere in the world, as well as performing any action or series of operations on the data. When you offer us pretty personal information to definitely complete a transaction, validate your credit card, place an order, arrange for delivery, or return/exchange an item, we specifically assume you for all intents and purposes agree to us collecting and using it for that really clear objective alone, or so they thought. If we need definitely your fairly personal information for a secondary reason, basically such as marketing/promotions, we will either basically ask for actually your expressed consent or give you the option to basically say no, particularly contrary to popular belief.



If we are obliged by law or you breached our Terms of Service, we may reveal your personal information.


Payment and Billing Information

When you purchase products from our website, we may collect your billing name, billing address, and payment method. On our website, we NEVER gather your credit card number, expiration date, or any other credit card information.


Third-Party Services

We only can gather, store, and disclose your information to the extent that it is required for the third-party providers with whom we engage to provide us with the services they offer.
Many third-party service providers, such as payment processors and other payment transaction providers, have their own privacy policies in accordance with the information we’re required to send them for your purchase-related activities.
We recommend that you read these companies’ privacy policies to learn how they will handle your personal information.
Keep in mind that certain providers may be situated in a different state or have facilities in a different jurisdiction than you or us.
If you choose to use the services of a third-party service provider, your data may be subject to the laws of the jurisdiction(s) in which that service provider or its facilities are situated.


You are no longer bound by this Privacy Policy or our website’s Terms of Service after you leave our store’s website or are led to a third-party website or application.



Our company (YourTouch) mostly has implemented appropriate technical and security measures to essentially protect really your information from unauthorized or unlawful access, as well as accidental loss, erasure, or damage in a subtle way. When we specifically gather data through the Site, we use a secure server to store your personal information, which mostly is fairly significant. Firewalls particularly are used to literally secure our servers. We employ particularly Secure Socket Layer (SSL) coding to basically protect payment card information when we generally collect it electronically, which specifically is quite significant. While we cannot guarantee generally total security, it for the most part makes it definitely more difficult for a hacker to decode basically your data, fairly contrary to popular belief. It literally is strongly recommended that you essentially do not for the most part provide us actually your fairly whole credit or debit card number over unencrypted electronic communication in a subtle way. When it kind of comes to the collection, storage, and disclosure of sort of personal information, we use physical, electronic, and procedural measures, which basically is fairly significant. We may occasionally request verification of identity as part of our security processes before disclosing particularly personal information to you. You basically are responsible for keeping actually your password and computer definitely safe from unauthorized access, definitely contrary to popular belief.


Cookies and Trackers

Cookies basically are particularly little text files that websites place on sort of your computer when you visit them, sort of contrary to popular belief. Other types of trackers for the most part are employed. These are used to definitely improve the efficiency of websites and to provide information to the website’s owners in a subtle way. In our website, web-based properties, and mobile applications, we use cookies, permissions, and kind of other trackers to gather and process data about you so that we can offer you a better online experience and literally improve our services. The categories of cookies used on our website, as well as a description of what they are used for.

  • Necessary Cookies
    These cookies are required for the operation of our website, to keep it safe while you are logged in, and to comply with applicable laws.
    If you are a consumer, they assist us in recognizing you so that you may log in and manage your accounts. They also assist us in keeping your information secure and confidential.
  • Structural Cookies
    These cookies are used to store information such as:
    On the login form, you’ll see your user ID.
    2. Your country or area
    3. Your preferred language
    4. Large font and high contrast pages are provided in accessibility settings.
  • Performance Cookies
    These cookies provide us with information about how you and our other customers interact with our website. We put all of this information together and analyse it. This aids us in:
    Enhance the efficiency of our services
    2. Enhance the services we give

Many online browsers include some level of cookie control via the browser settings. Please note that deactivating the ‘Absolutely Necessary’ cookies may prevent you from accessing certain portions of our website.

In addition to the aforementioned, we use other tracking technologies.

  • Log Files
  • Clickstream Analytics
  • Pixel Tags

A “Do Not Track” function is available in some web browsers. This feature allows you to inform websites that you do not want your online activities to be tracked. These options aren’t yet consistent across browsers. Our sites aren’t set up to respond to those signals right now.


Data Retention and Removal

We keep the Personal Information we collect about you on our systems or with third parties for as long as it’s needed for the reasons described in this Privacy Policy, as well as for legal and regulatory requirements. We will only use the user’s Personal Data for these purposes, and we will respect your privacy. Personal Information that is no longer necessary will be deleted or permanently de-identified.


Legal Premises For Processing Your Personal Information

By relying on one or much more of the following legitimate basis, we mostly are entitled to definitely treat sort of your particularly Personal Data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations:

  • You mostly have given us your explicit consent to process for all intents and purposes your particularly Personal Data for a sort of specific purpose in a really major way. The processing is required in order for us to particularly carry out our agreement with you or to take steps to kind of enter into one, or so they for all intents and purposes thought.
  • Processing is required in order to literally comply with our legal obligations in a subtle way. The processing really is required for us to kind of pursue a Legitimate Interest, pretty such as providing services to you, evaluating, developing, or improving our products and services.


Cross-Country Data Transfer

For any of the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, we may transfer personal data about you to countries sort of other than really your home country, or so they particularly thought. You literally understand and definitely acknowledge that these nations may have different (and potentially generally less strict) laws governing the degree of confidentiality afforded to the information it holds and that such information may be subject to such countries” laws and disclosure requirements, including disclosure to governmental bodies, regulatory agencies, and actually private individuals, as a really direct consequence of a relevant governmental or regulatory inquiry, judicial order, or really other similar approaches. A number of countries also really have treaties and agreements that actually allow for the exchange of information for law enforcement, taxation, and other objectives in a major way. Sometimes when we transfer your generally Personal Data to third parties for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, we will use our kind of the best efforts to particularly ensure that your really Personal Data kind of is essentially kept plausible, adequately protected, and processed only for specified and reasonable purposes in a valid, transparent, and ethical way, and that it really is stored for no longer than kind of is absolutely really essential.


Personal Information Access and Update

Customers in order to request access to, correct, delete, or object to the processing of their Personal Information maintained by us, as well as an accounting of its use and disclosure. Although we will not specifically impose a formal requirement in this regard, we definitely encourage that all customer requests for access to Personal Information maintained by YourTouch be made in writing, definitely contrary to popular belief. However, we may particularly ask you for additional information that for all intents and purposes is reasonably necessary for us to fulfill your request. When a fairly individual successfully demonstrates the inaccuracy or incompleteness of the very Personal Information in our database or elsewhere, we essentially make the necessary changes. The correction, deletion, or addition of information, as well as notice to third parties to whom the data really has been exposed, literally are all examples of amendments, which specifically is quite significant. However, we may not kind of be able to actually make changes to kind of past purchase or return transaction details, or so they for all intents and purposes thought.


Age of Consent

You generally indicate that you basically are at hardly the least the age of majority in sort of your state or province of residence, or that you particularly are the age of majority in fairly your state or jurisdiction of location and generally have given us your agreement to really allow any of for all intents and purposes your basically minor dependents to access this site by using this site in a fairly big way.


Changes To This Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to mostly modify this privacy policy at any time, so particularly please review it frequently, which is fairly significant. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on the website. If we generally make material changes to this policy, we will for all intents and purposes notify you here that it basically has been updated, so that you for all intents and purposes are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we use and/or kind of disclose it, which for all intents and purposes is fairly significant.


Customer care

If you have any queries about your order or simply want to know the status of order please reach us though
Phone: +91 89776 30799
Email: c[email protected]



If you find any problem with our services, we would advise you to make a complaint on the above number and as for a complaint to be applied. If you still have any issues please inform us and we will be able to help you solve your grievance, our email: [email protected]

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